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a woman seeking medical advice for ketamine therapy aftercare
a woman seeking medical advice

Ketamine Therapy Aftercare: How to Get the Most Out of Your Infusion

Discover how to get the most out of your Ketamine Infusions by learning about Ketamine Therapy aftercare. Ketamine is becoming one of the most popular treatments for mental illnesses in the United States. Studies show that Ketamine rewires the brain, allowing the mind to become more adaptable and open to healing.

Ketamine infusions are powerful. Professional treatments administered by experts have potential to provide long-lasting relief and dramatic improvement in symptoms. Positive long-lasting results are more likely to occur with exceptional aftercare. Read on to learn more about Ketamine Therapy aftercare and how to make the most out of your infusion.

How Ketamine Therapy Works

Understanding how Ketamine treatments work will help you implement great aftercare practices. This treatment is being widely researched, and studies are showing Ketamine to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, and much more.

Although Ketamine treatments are all relatively the same, Ketamine treatment experiences will vary depending on the provider you choose. With Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in SLC, treatments are performed with expert care in a comfortable environment.

Before Treatment

Before your Ketamine infusion, practice mindfulness or meditation. This helps you prepare your mind for the effects of Ketamine. Create a playlist of comforting, calming music, and bring headphones to your appointment. 8 hours before your infusion, avoid eating food and drink only water. On the day of your Ketamine treatment, wear comfortable clothing and consider bringing a blanket and pillow.

Learn more about Preparing for your Ketamine Treatment

During Treatment

A licensed provider will check your vitals and prepare the Ketamine IV or injection. Ketamine is administered in very low doses. Treatments can take 40 – 60 minutes. During this time, you will likely experience an altered mental state. This is temporary and will resolve gradually after the infusion. You will be closely monitored and supported from the beginning till the end of each treatment. Immediately after, you will rest and metabolize the Ketamine for up to 2 hours before getting a ride home.

After Treatment

Many patients experience immediate relief following a Ketamine treatment. Symptom relief can last for one to two weeks. For continued healing, Therapeutic Alternatives recommends a 6-treatment protocol. There are many other things you can do to sustain any relief from Ketamine after treatments such as speaking with a therapist, practicing mindfulness, and more.

Immediate Ketamine Aftercare: What to do Directly After Your Therapy

Due to the nature of Ketamine, most patients will experience an out-of-body experience and need time to fully resume a regular routine. Here are some things most providers suggest for immediate therapy aftercare:

  •  Plan to have someone drive you home
    You should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after your Ketamine treatment. Plan to have someone drive you home from your infusion. Many Ketamine clinics are beginning to offer Ketamine concierge services. Contact Therapeutic Alternatives to learn more about our at-home Ketamine treatments in Salt Lake City.
  •  Resume drinking water immediately
    Stay hydrated after your Ketamine treatment. Avoid drinking alcohol for a day or two.
  •  Resume medications immediately
    Continue to take your prescribed medications as usual but avoid recreational drugs. If you have prescription pain medications, speak with your doctor and Ketamine provider to learn when it is safest to resume those medications.
  •  Slowly get back into your regular diet
    Eat mild foods, such as applesauce and yogurt, after Ketamine treatments. Then slowly get back into eating all your regular foods. If you feel sick to your stomach, try to lie down, and close your eyes.
Ketamine Aftercare
Ketamine Aftercare

Long-term Ketamine Aftercare: Make the Most of Your Ketamine Experience

Ketamine therapy treatments promote glutamate in the brain so that new neuropathways can be created. Essentially, Ketamine helps the mind heal itself. The hours following treatment can have a great impact on the longevity of symptom relief and long-term healing.

Understand the Healing Process

Mental wellness does not have one path for healing and relief. Healing processes are rarely linear, and it is important to allow yourself a unique experience. Take time for self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and stillness. Ketamine does not get rid of depression or completely resolve anxiety. This treatment is most efficient when combined with professional therapy.


Making behavioral changes based on your Ketamine therapy is commonly referred to as integration. Ketamine therapy helps you see what is possible, integration makes it real. Your mind will be the most adaptable and open to change for up to 10 days after your infusion. This is a great opportunity in Ketamine aftercare to journal and make goals based on impressions you may have had during treatment.

Take Action

As you clarify your Ketamine experience and create goals, start small and gradually build up to bigger changes. Remember to keep in mind the fact that healing is not one-size-fits-all. Some changes you may want to make will be straightforward (like cleaning your room), others may be more ambitious (like future plans that may take months or years).

Surround Yourself with Support

Having support around you from family, friends, and even other individuals going through integration from Ketamine therapy can make a big difference. It can be difficult to traverse the path of healing alone. Real support from other individuals that have your best interests at heart can optimize Ketamine aftercare results. Check with your provider for local support groups or do a google search to find online support groups.

Continue with Therapy and Medications

Maximize your Ketamine aftercare efforts with continued treatments, therapy, and medication. Most Ketamine clinic providers prescribe 6-10 infusion sessions for full treatment. As you see your treatment protocol through to the end, you can also expect greater results during the aftercare period. Continue work with your therapist or begin therapy after Ketamine. Therapy is another great support that, when used, can help Ketamine benefits last long. It is also important to continue to be aware of your physical health and wellness. Be conscious about your prescribed medications and existing health conditions while receiving Ketamine therapy.


Ketamine and other psychedelic therapies can be a potentially life-changing treatment. As for ketamine, one of its many benefits is that it’s quick-acting. Patients often feel relief right away, whereas other therapies could take much longer, even weeks or months. 

Furthermore, to optimize ketamine and psychedelic aftercare for long-lasting mental health, it’s important to know what to do in the hours and days following your treatment. For example, you must take time to appreciate your results and revelations. Relaxation is essential during the post-treatment hours and days. Accordingly, you can better understand your progress, and future progress, by meditating, enjoying some calming music, or relaxing: enjoy a comfy spot on the couch, or a sunny place among nature. Similarly, it’s important physically and gradually ease back into your daily routine and diet. Right after your treatment, we suggest eating mild foods, such as yogurt, to avoid upsetting your stomach. Plus, don’t forget to stay hydrated! 


Ketamine works by improving how your brain’s adaptability and neural connections. As a result, your mind will be especially adaptable in the two weeks after your treatment. So it’s recommended that you spend this period practicing mindfulness, self-care, and self-reflection. Try writing in a journal to review and explore your Ketamine experience, as well as the ideas and feelings it inspires. 

After the first two weeks or so post-treatment, you can begin to focus on establishing behavioral changes. Maybe you want to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, which is a great way to improve health and mood. Your social circle is also vital. Now is a great opportunity to make potential social changes. For example, surrounding yourself with supportive loved ones can help you maintain longer-lasting mental wellness. 

Finally, it’s crucial that you explore your realizations, and discuss your concerns, with our professional healthcare team. Accordingly, this allows our mental health experts to pore over your progress and recommend any further therapy or treatment options.

Start Your Ketamine Journey in SLC with Therapeutic Alternatives

Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives is a trusted Ketamine provider in SLC, Utah. We have thoughtfully designed our clinic to be comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful. Our providers are highly experienced with Ketamine. They provide safe, effective treatments to all patients at affordable costs. Ketamine infusions in Salt Lake City with Therapeutic Alternatives can be life changing. Learn more by booking a consultation with us today. Call (385) 685-1410 to start your Ketamine journey.

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