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Ketamine Treatment Cost in Salt Lake City, Utah

The cost of Ketamine varies depending on which method works best for you. We are committed to keeping Ketamine therapy an affordable therapeutic alternative in the Salt Lake City community. As such, we offer the most cost-conscious pricing in the area.
Current pricing is listed below, and your provider may discuss more specific treatment plan needs in your initial consultation.

How Much Does Ketamine Therapy Cost?

If you have treatment-resistant depression, you may be considering Ketamine. You may have questions about the cost of Ketamine treatment in Salt Lake. Ketamine treatment cost depends on a variety of factors. These include the type and number of treatments received.
There are various Ketamine treatment methods available. Two of the most popular include infusion therapy and intramuscular injection. The type of treatment you choose will impact your Ketamine therapy cost.

Intramuscular Injection


Ketamine Infusion


Ketamine Intramuscular Injection Therapy

A Ketamine intramuscular injection is a single shot. It’s typically injected into a thigh or arm muscle. Like Ketamine infusion therapy, intramuscular injection therapy takes about 40 minutes. The injections must be administered in a clinical setting. Some patients experience more fleeting results with intramuscular injections than with IV infusions. Therefore, you may need more frequent treatments if you receive intramuscular injections.

Salt Lake City Ketamine pricing for injection therapy is around $300 per treatment. We offer a discounted rate for packages of six injections.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusions go directly into the bloodstream. Each infusion lasts around 40 minutes and occurs in a clinical setting. Ketamine infusions are most often recommended for treatment-resistant depression. They can also help with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders.

Normally, Ketamines infusion cost in Salt Lake City is around $400 per treatment. We offer a reduced rate for a package of six Ketamine infusions.

6 Intramuscular Injection


6 Ketamine Infusion


optional additional support:

Now offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy ( KAP.) A one-on-one licensed therapist or trauma-informed life coach during your ketamine journey is available. Please inquire within.

*prices are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and must be paid in full upfront. Ketamine treatment is typically not covered by insurance. If you would like additional integrational support, please inquire within. Referrals are available.

Refer a Friend + you both receive $25 off your next treatment

Mental Health Professionals, Military, and First Responders receive $50 off their treatment

Common Ketamine FAQs

Ketamine is a promising drug that is commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, and pain. It can also help reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Ketamine was first approved by the FDA as a general anesthetic. It has since been approved for use as an antidepressant. Studies show it can also reduce cravings associated with addictions1.

Many people with treatment-resistant depression turn to Ketamine. Research shows that Ketamine treatment can decrease depression severity. It is also generally well-tolerated2. However, in large doses, this powerful drug can have a dissociative effect. It may also cause hallucinations.

The number of treatments you receive is another factor in your total Ketamines cost. Research suggests multiple Ketamine infusions are necessary for optimal results. You will likely experience an immediate improvement in your symptoms after one treatment3. But for long-term results, we recommend receiving at least six Ketamine treatments. You can reduce the cost of Ketamine treatment in Salt Lake. To do so, buy a six-treatment package. Purchasing treatments this way is more affordable than purchasing individual treatments.

When you’re considering Ketamine therapy for yourself or a loved one, cost is important. You may be wondering if the Ketamine treatment cost is worth it. After all, there are more affordable antidepressants out there. But many people don’t get relief from other treatments. For them, Ketamine therapy is well worth the cost.

Many people respond well to Ketamine treatments. There are possible side effects. But they usually subside within a few hours of treatment. To learn more about this revolutionary therapy, contact K Therapy SLC at (385) 685-1410.

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