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Ketamine treatment vs KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)
Ketamine Treatment vs KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)

KETAMINE TREATMENT VS KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)

Ketamine treatments and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy help many people gain a new lease on life. This medicine in various forms is proven clinically effective for treating multiple mental health conditions. Additionally, we offer numerous treatment methods, each with its own benefits and specific uses.

In this article, we’ll explore the various methods of using Ketamine. In addition, we’ll go over any potential benefits of each method of use. Improving your mental health begins with education, and being well-informed to help you get the most out of this potentially game-changing treatment.

Read on to find out more about Ketamine treatment vs KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy), and how we can help you live a healthier, happier life.


Ketamine treatments and KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) can be life-changing. They can improve your brain’s adaptability and help you adopt positive thinking habits. Our compassionate healthcare team strives to offer the most effective ketamine therapy near you at our state-of-the-art practices in Salt Lake City and West Jordan, UT.

Furthermore, no two patients are alike, so their treatments shouldn’t be the same. Fortunately, we offer numerous types of Ketamine therapy. It’s vital to know the differences between Ketamine treatment vs KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy), as well as other types of therapeutic methods. These clinically effective therapies include the following:


Ketamine is generally administered in a clinical setting. However, by providing ketamine care in the comfort of one’s own home, more people are able to benefit from its mental-health-improving qualities. That’s precisely what sub-lingual (meaning that it’s applied beneath the tongue) ketamine promises to do.

Research has shown sub-lingual ketamine (combined with health monitoring) to be safe and effective in treating patients with depression and anxiety. In addition to the advantages of improving mental wellness and daily living, this advance increases the reach of Ketamine therapy. 

As an example, this is a wonderful alternative for the many people who wish to avoid injections. Furthermore, this is an at-home version of ketamine therapy, meaning that you can reap the benefits of better mental health in the comfort of your own home. 

As a result, it breaks down access barriers, bringing a potentially life-changing treatment option to people who would have otherwise been excluded. The Journal of Affective Disorders concludes that this therapy offers “strong results for both depression and anxiety for a large and geographically diverse patient population.”


Intramuscular means within the muscle. IM ketamine treatments are injected into the muscle, generally large muscle groups such as the upper arm or thigh. This treatment method may require multiple injections rather than the single injection of an IV administration. 

It’s worth noting that IM injections cannot be altered after being applied. An IV Ketamine treatment, however, can change during the treatment process based on how each patient reacts. Plus, many patients have different results with IV and IM preparations. The differences may be in comfort, how quickly they feel relief, and how long their results last. 

A study in BMC Psychiatry says, “IM ketamine is being utilized to treat psychiatric outpatients with multiple mental illnesses not limited to depression. Average depression and anxiety levels significantly improve throughout IM ketamine treatment and do not regress to baseline during patients’ maintenance treatment phase.”


Intravenous ketamine is applied directly into the veins (intra = in and venous = veins). Mentioned above, IV treatments allow physicians to control dosages more precisely. As an IV drip is continuously applied, it allows for more personalized therapies. 

Therefore, this therapeutic option can be controlled in real-time and according to patients’ responses. IV infusions can be a great option if one is anxious for ketamine treatment. However, at Therapeutic Alternatives we prefer IM ketamine treatment over IV ketamine treatment. IM ketamine is more effective at reaching disassociation. Which in turn, can provide a more profound experience. 


In healthcare, most treatments are synergistic. That means that they work best in combination with other strategies. Accordingly, Ketamine treatment and KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) can be very effective as part of a comprehensive therapeutic plan. An essential part of that plan can include therapy—discussing your feelings and concerns and working on adopting more positive mental habits. This is called Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, or KAP. 

KAP offers multiple advantages. It can assist patients in new ways of thinking. It can also help them form new and healthy strategies for dealing with problems.

Many publications have spoken about the potential benefits of KAP. Psychology Today magazine says, “Many have found that the experience of KAP led to therapeutic breakthroughs at an exponentially faster rate than traditional talk therapy. They’ve uncovered repressed memories, faced previously unbearable emotions, and even found the purpose they have been searching for.”


So, what’s the main difference between the various types of treatments? What you should remember about Ketamine treatment vs KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) is that they can take different amounts of time. 

Ketamine treatments offer quick-acting relief, much faster then other mental health therapies. On the other hand, KAP is a prolonged process that includes talk therapy. Discussing your experiences, feelings and results can lead to long lasting outcomes. It can also help you feel better and maintain an improved mental health state. Additionally, it can help patients develop more positive mental health habits. 

Overall, both are proven to be effective at treating patients with depression, anxiety, and multiple other mental health conditions. What is best for you may vary, and we recommend that you try both to see which fits better with your lifestyle. 


Are you or a loved one dealing with the negative effects of mental health issues? For individuals seeking to improve their quality of life, Ketamine treatment and KAP ( Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) can make all the difference. We strive to offer you an extensive choice of therapies. If it seems confusing to choose between each treatment version, don’t worry, we will help you make the correct decision. We treat many patients and can formulate the most effective plan based on your needs. To learn more about ketamine treatment and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, please reach out to us today. Give us a call at (385) 685-1410, or fill out the form below to explore your options! 

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