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Ketamine Therapy

Safe, effective ketamine treatments in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Ketamine therapy is an alternative therapeutic treatment for mental disorders resistant to traditional therapy and medication. Ketamine has demonstrated effective, promising results when treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, and chronic pain. Ketamine targets the causes of mental illness, instead of only dulling the symptoms.

It enables the mind to heal itself by rewiring malfunctioning neurons, creating new neural pathways in the brain.


Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States, affecting 18% of adults. For patients with symptoms that have not responded well to medications or behavioral therapies, Ketamine is an ideal treatment.


Ketamine helps to lessen the effects of post-acute withdrawal symptoms and aids in the detoxification process. It also assists patients to control their cravings, maintaining their sobriety from stimulants


Ketamine treatments offer a rapid reduction of PTSD symptoms for patients struggling with this disorder. Under the influence of ketamine, individuals may feel safer in exploring past memories and experiences that previously felt intolerable to revisit. Allowing them space to do the necessary therapeutic work.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine enables the brain to repair neural pathways and malfunctioning neurons, reducing signals responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is the leading cause of symptoms in chronic pain conditions.


Ketamine targets the physiological cause of depression by enabling the mind to heal itself. Ketamine creates new neural pathways. Studies have shown that a low dose of ketamine can have dramatic rapid positive effects on clinical depression and suicidal ideation.


Ketamine is one of the most innovative new treatments for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Many patients have reported a loss of compulsion after just one session, with an improvement of symptoms lasting several weeks after treatment.

Preparation Session

New or returning clients are invited to participate in our free group preparation sessions. Led by our trauma-informed Life Coach, who can help you set intentions ahead of your Ketamine therapy session. They are offered virtually every Tuesday from 5:00-5:30 PM, MT.

Integration Session

Find clarity and understanding by speaking about your own experience after your Ketamine therapy session. Join our free group Integration session led by our trauma-informed Life Coach. Sessions are held virtually every Tuesday from 5:45 PM – 6:15 PM, MT.


Ketamine takes psychotherapy to the next level. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy allows you to experience Ketamine therapy during a talk session with a therapist to help you heal and implement long-term changes for optimal mental health.


We're committed to creating accessibility to Ketamine therapy for our greater Salt Lake City valley communities. We offer free medical consultations, 2 free group sessions (Prep and Integration), and create individualized treatment plans that are both budget-conscious and effective.

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Schedule a consultation today to meet with our Patient Care Coordinator who will create a treatment plan that will begin your journey back to wellness. We provide Ketamine therapy in a safe and welcoming space.


Ketamine Therapy clinic resides within the beautiful healing space of the Therapeutic Alternatives. Our treatment rooms are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Ketamine

How does Ketamine Therapy work?

Ketamine works to improve mental health and other conditions by rewiring the brain. As Ketamine increases glutamate production, the mind becomes more adaptable, and connections between brain cells are repaired to help regulate mood. In addition, some studies are showing Ketamine also reduces inflammation.

What is Ketamine Treatment like?

Therapeutic Alternatives offers personalized, safe, and quality Ketamine Treatments in Salt Lake City. Before the treatment starts, a licensed professional checks your vitals and prepares the IV or injection. The entire process will take about an hour, during which you’ll be monitored and supported. Some patients experience instantaneous relief, and many remain symptom-free for months after complete treatment. Many providers recommend 6-10 treatment sessions for full treatment.

What does a Ketamine Infusion feel like?

Ketamine infusions will affect each patient differently. For example, you may experience a ‘floating’ or weightless’ sensation and an out-of-body experience. However, most patients have reported a euphoric, dissociative, and profound Ketamine experience.

How does Ketamine work in the brain?

Ketamine works very differently from traditional medications for mental health. SSRIs, like anti-depressants, attempt to regulate brain chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine). These traditional medications can be arduous to deal with, and some may offer little to no relief.


Rather than dulling symptoms and providing short-term relief, Ketamine creates new connections in the brain. As a result, new neuropathways are forged, synapses are repaired, and brain chemicals communicate better. All of this can be accomplished because Ketamine promotes glutamate production.

How much does Ketamine Treatment cost?

The top Salt Lake City, Utah Ketamine Clinic, Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives, offers the most cost-conscious pricing in Utah. We are dedicated to making this incredible, effective, revolutionary treatment affordable.

Intramuscular injections start at $349, and infusions begin at $450. Book a consultation with Therapeutic Alternatives today to learn more about the cost of Ketamine. We have package options, referral bonuses, special discounts, and more. Unfortunately, most insurance will not cover the cost of Ketamine Treatments in Utah.

What is Ketamine used for medically?

Ketamine is a fast-acting anesthetic used for short-term sedation and is often used in the emergency room, as an animal tranquilizer, and in veterinary medicine. The FDA has approved a nasal spray called esKetamine (Spravato) for the medical treatment of depression.

What does Ketamine Therapy help with?

In addition to medical uses, Ketamine is becoming popular as a treatment for mental health. Therapeutic Alternatives offers Ketamine infusions in Salt Lake City for anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, addiction, and more. Speak with a Therapeutic Alternatives provider in a consultation to learn more about what Ketamine can do for you.

Where can I get Ketamine Treatment in Utah?

As Ketamine Therapy in Utah is becoming more popular, more and more Utah ketamine clinics are likely popping up in cities near you. Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable Utah Ketamine Clinic for your Ketamine Treatments. Only the best providers can deliver lasting, safe results. 

Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in Salt Lake City is the trusted, leading Ketamine clinic in Utah. We are dedicated to offering the best Ketamine treatments at affordable prices. We also provide at-home concierge ketamine treatments in Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, Murray, Midvale, Holladay, Cottonwood Heights, Bluffdale, Herriman, Lehi, and Riverton.Book with us today to get started.

Ketamine Therapy SLC is an effective treatment for specific mental disorders commonly known for resisting traditional therapy or medications like SSRIs. Ketamine treatments effectively alleviate depression symptoms and other mental struggles by rewiring the brain. Ketamine targets the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. This powerful new alternative therapy is helping millions of people around the world heal their brains and overcome mental illness.

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An Environment Designed for Healing

We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable setting where mind & body healing can happen. With this goal in mind, we have designed our private treatment rooms to foster an inviting home-like environment of peace and relaxation.

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Meet Our Providers

Our Utah Ketamine therapy providers are both mental health experts and experienced medical providers.

Austin Francom

APRN, FNP Co-Owner

Candace Curzon

LCSW Co-Owner


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I was ready for a change in my life when Ketamine Therapy was suggested to me.
I had suffered with anxiety and depression for years and have been to many therapists along the way. Candace and Austin have taken thoughtful care of me for the past 12 months. Both are compassionate, honest and well educated. I have always felt extremely safe because of their attention to details and professionalism. As I result I am now in a healthy and happy place. Ketamine Therapy along with Candace and Austin have changed my life for the better! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Collete L.

I’ve had a few treatments with Candace and Austin and they are the absolute best. Working through my anxiety and depression with their help has changed my life. The space is so welcoming and safe, such a great setting for this experience. Chris was an amazing support in my journey and in processing what I had experienced. The entire staff is supportive and helpful, including Sam! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Richard F.

The staff at this clinic were wonderful and the setting was warm and comforting. I was anxious about my first treatment but felt supported during the process. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is considering ketamine treatments.

Kirsti R.

I had the opportunity to work with Austin and Candace in January 2021. They were so accommodating and I felt safe and secure in their care. They both helped me through a really tough/dark time in my life. They took the time to talk with me, and they showed me not only their passion to help others but their talent and skills in showing compassion and empathy to others in need. I would recommend them any day and look forward to working more with them in the future. I was able to address challenges in my life I haven’t been able to touch for years. I am so happy I could get connected with them.

Tracey T.

I have been doing this therapy for about 6 months now and it has completely changed my life! Candace and Austin are incredible people with a serious love of their craft and their clients. I was going through a very hard time when my brother passed away and this treatment helped me find a way to deal with and through that sorrow.
I am so thankful for the way I have been taken in and really treated so well.

Robin W.

I have been using Ketamine assisted therapy for over 2 years now and it has dramatically improved both my depression and anxiety. Austin and Candace are extremely caring and prescriptive in what they do. I found the most benefit from a series of 6 sessions but still go in every few months for a booster. I am able to process my thoughts clearer and form healthier thought patterns. Anyone that is on the fence about ketamine assisted therapy should definitely reach out to Ketamine Therapy SLC as they’ve changed my life forever.

Preston S.

Never thought that I could feel so good! I have been carrying this weight on my shoulders for literally years! And I just did my first ketamine treatment. It is life changing to say the least. The staff are amazing, they took such good care of me, stayed by my side, and were so loving and very patient with my anxieties.
I highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, ptsd, and anything else that is holding you back from living the best version of your self! Thank you Candice, and Chris for staying with me, and encouraging me to embrace the experience. It priceless because it changes your life. When it comes to anyone’s happiness, make the investment! It’s worth it!!! 🙏

Anazella S.

This treatment and these professionals have changed my life in a way I didn’t know possible. I’ve been looking for many methods to control my anxiety and PTSD for years. This ketamine clinic doesn’t feel like the average clinic you can find in Utah. Candace and Austin make you feel at home right away and take their time to help you feel at ease. I’ve done about 15 sessions total and have noticed a big difference in the direction my life is now going. Things are more peaceful and I am more grateful for life than ever. You really can’t beat the price, environment, and support you get here.

Linda B.

Rest assured, you’re in excellent hands with Candace and Austin. Their bedside manner is warm and they understand the spaces one can travel to during ketamine therapy. Between this treatment and more traditional talk therapy with Candace, I’ve been able to better understand my self-worth.

Josh H.

Ketamine was one of the things on my to-do list to help me with blockages. This ketamine clinic in Salt Lake City was really comfortable for my first experience. The experience in itself is unique and I can see why many people are utilizing this treatment to help with mental issues. It helps you see things from a different perspective. Candace was really helpful and seemed like a very kind therapist with a lot of knowledge. I look forward to another session. So far I feel a lot lighter. Thank you for your expertise and a really graceful experience.

Tyler V.

I highly recommend this place. The environment is cozy and relaxing while also being clean and private, Candace and Austin are super easy to work with and very accommodating. This place has changed my life! Thanks for all that you do!

Emma B.

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