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woman smiling from ketamine for addiction therapy
woman smiling from ketamine for addiction therapy in Salt Lake City

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Enjoying an occasional drink with your friends, family members, or colleagues is familiar and pleasurable for some people. Situationally, there are many occasions where alcohol is a typical visitor as a means of celebration, such as weddings, birthdays, or holidays.

However, in many situations, people begin overindulging in alcohol or drugs because of the gratifying sensations these substances create in the brain. As a result, the body craves these substances more, leading to substance abuse, which frequently develops into Addiction. Whether it’s opioids, cocaine, alcohol, or any other substance, Addiction kills thousands of Americans yearly and impacts millions of lives.

Addiction is a mental disorder that drives someone to repeatedly use substances or behave in specific ways despite the detrimental consequences. These deepening cravings for the substance do not go away and often intensify and worsen over time. Addiction ultimately destroys marriages, careers, friendships, and the most valued relationships in your life. Additionally, whether it’s drug or alcohol abuse, Addiction has severe adverse side effects on your physical health.

Trying to fight Addiction can be challenging, making it difficult for the average person to quit without support. At Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives, we are committed to bringing this revolutionary treatment option of Ketamine to the Salt Lake City community. Ketamine therapy occurs in a safe, comfortable setting where maximum mind and body healing can occur.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction compels people to engage in certain activities or consume substances. Those with addictive tendencies may have difficulty abstaining from things that are bad for them. This disorder affects the brain and one’s behavior, leading to a loss of control over actions.1 It takes various forms, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Remember that addiction isn’t a character flaw. Rather, it’s a complex disease that requires proper treatment and support. People struggling with addiction need empathy. Access to effective treatments is crucial for managing this condition.

The Different Types of Substance Addiction

Let’s break down and focus on the three most common types of substance addiction:

Alcohol addiction
You may have an alcohol addiction if loved ones say you drink too much. This can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, liver cancer, and other ailments.2

Marijuana addiction
Marijuana can offer great medicinal benefits when used as prescribed. It improves sleep, provides pain relief, and reduces stress and anxiety. But recreational use can lead to addiction. This often snowballs into problems with attention, learning, and memory.3

Prescription drug addiction
Similar to marijuana, prescription drugs can work wonders in providing relief. But overdosing on painkillers and other prescription medications can result in addiction. In addition, heavy reliance on these drugs can weaken the heart, worsen one’s mental health, and cause self-harming behaviors. This is why doctors ask patients to follow prescribed doses.

Common prescription drugs that people misuse include opioids and stimulants.

Opioid addiction involves the use of prescription painkillers or illegal opioids like heroin. Opioids relieve pain; some people may abuse them to feel good, get high, and relax.4 Misuse can lead to physical dependence, overdose, and other harmful effects.

Finally, stimulants like cocaine and meth can damage the central nervous system. As a result, stimulant addicts may experience heart problems, hypertension, tremors, and seizures.

How Addiction Hinders Life

Addiction is a destructive force. It can have a pervasive impact on many areas of life

People grappling with anxiety may experience:

Seeking professional help is imperative for overcoming addiction. The right treatments can mitigate its profound, devastating effects.


The human brain is constantly changing based on behaviors and habits in everyday life. New neural pathways form as we engage in new activities frequently and consistently. These pathways get more substantial with repetition until the behavior becomes the new normal. Understandably, as addiction deepens, new neural pathways form in the brain, perpetuating and encouraging addictive behavior to continue. Therefore, giving up your substance of choice becomes increasingly difficult with use and time.

Ketamine in Utah works by promoting glutamate production. Glutamate is a prominent brain chemical that assists in communication between neurons in the brain. In addition, Glutamate is responsible for neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s unique ability to alter its physical structure by repairing synapses and creating new neural pathways in response to learning and experiencing new things.

Essentially, Ketamine therapy permits the brain to rewire itself. Ketamine for addiction helps one abandon the neural connections fed by addictive behaviors and establish new neural pathways. This rewiring in the brain can lead to new ways of thinking and behaving. Therefore, in the long run, Ketamine therapy helps one stay motivated and abstinent from their substance.


Multiple national surveys have found that about half of all people who experience a mental illness during their lives will also experience a substance use disorder and vice versa. In addition to Ketamine for addiction, Ketamine therapy successfully improves symptoms of many other conditions and mental illnesses such as;


During a typical Ketamine session, a medical professional will distribute the Ketamine medication via intramuscular injection or infusion. Your provider will then administer a low, therapeutic dose of Ketamine over the next 40-60 minutes. During this time, the patient is then monitored closely by one of our providers.


Chief of psychiatry at Yale University, Dr. John Krystal, states that with Ketamine, “We’re reaching out in a new way to patients who have not responded to other kinds of treatments and providing, for some of them, the first time that they’ve gotten better from their depression.” Dr. Krystal further states, “When Ketamine is in your system, you’ll likely have the dissociative effects, but that’s not the treatment… that’s just something you go through to get the treatment. The ketamine treatment is your brain’s reaction to Ketamine, how your brain responds to exposure to Ketamine.”

Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute recently conducted clinical studies on Ketamine for addiction. One study tested patients with an addiction to cocaine and the other on patients addicted to alcohol. In both studies, a partial number of participants were given Ketamine combined with existing forms of therapy. Results of the study show that Ketamine “significantly increased the likelihood of abstinence, delayed the time to relapse, and reduced the likelihood of heavy drinking days.” Researchers want to continue Ketamine for addiction research on a larger scale to understand how Ketamine affects glutamate in the brain and what additional benefits those who suffer from addiction can hope to experience.


Ketamine for addiction is relatively new in the industry of mental health treatments. Therefore, the cost of ketamine treatments in Salt Lake City is not typically covered by insurance. Ketamine is also a personalized and unique treatment, so the cost varies per individual.

Ketamine therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives is dedicated to offering affordable treatments for all in the Salt Lake City community and beyond. The best way to learn how much Ketamine for addiction will cost you is to speak with a provider at Therapeutic Alternatives in a complimentary consultation. If ketamine is right for you, a personalized treatment plan is made for you based on your budget and unique circumstances.

Ketamine Infusion for Addiction FAQs

Ketamine is a novel approach to treating addiction. It binds to certain receptors in the brain that regulate mood and behavior, including those involved in addiction. By altering the brain’s chemistry, Ketamine can break the addiction cycle and relieve patients from the intense cravings and withdrawals that often come with it [5].

Any substance has the potential to be addictive. But when you use Ketamine under professional supervision, it’s safe and effective for addiction treatment. Small, controlled doses can curb cravings and minimize withdrawals without causing dependence.

Ketamine abuse can lead to harmful side effects. It’s essential to use it under the guidance of a reputable provider like Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives. With proper care, Ketamine can be a valuable tool in addiction treatment.

While Ketamine can improve addiction symptoms, it shouldn’t be the only solution. Instead, use it in conjunction with other therapies and approaches to reap the greatest benefits.

Holistic practices like exercise and focusing on nutrition can be helpful. In addition, going to therapy can be worthwhile. It’s a safe space to explore your addiction’s underlying issues and causes. Reclaim your life by combining these approaches with Ketamine.

Everyone’s experience with Ketamine is unique. So, the timeline for feeling relief after a Ketamine infusion varies per patient. Some people report feeling changes right after treatment. Others may need multiple sessions to experience significant improvements.

Ketamine addiction treatment isn’t a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution. The delivery method and dosage differ depending on your condition. Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives can assess you and develop a tailored treatment and recovery plan.

Have you tried traditional addiction treatments without success? You may benefit from Ketamine. Besides addiction, Ketamine can relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.

Determine your candidacy by scheduling a free consultation with Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives. We’ll review your medical history and suggest an effective addiction treatment plan. This is the perfect time to share your concerns and ask questions.

Yes, IV Ketamine therapy and Ketamine infusion treatments are safe and do not affect the patients breathing. This medication has a long history of use as an anesthetic and, in that capacity, has been in use for several decades. Patients will always be conscious and able to speak during their treatment and have a medical professional nearby should any issues arise.


Throughout the Ketamine treatment, patients may experience an altered mental state. Some patients report mild side effects such as confusion, dizziness, nausea, and slurred speech. However, these symptoms are temporary and gradually disappear after the treatment. Patients are required to have someone drive them home after their Ketamine for addiction treatment.

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At Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives, we are devoted to bringing this life-changing treatment ketamine for addiction option to the Salt Lake City, Utah community. Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment that encourages each patient’s maximum healing potential. Candace, our licensed mental health professional, and Austin, our board-certified nurse practitioner, are trained in Emotion-Focused Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Additionally, each of them has substantial experience working in mental health settings. Together, they created Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in Utah.

To learn more about our treatment plans centered around Ketamine for addiction, call (385) 685-1410 to schedule your free consultation today.

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Accredited by The Ketamine Training Center in 2021.

Schedule a Ketamine
Treatment Consultation

Schedule an appointment via call or text at (385) 685-1410 or fill out the form below:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email


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