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“This treatment and these professionals have changed my life in a way I didn’t know possible. I’ve been looking for many methods to control my anxiety and PTSD for years. This ketamine clinic doesn’t feel like average clinic you can find in Utah. Candace and Austin make you feel at home right away and take their time to help you feel at ease. I’ve done about 15 sessions total and have noticed a big difference in the direction my life is now going. Things are more peaceful and I am more grateful for life than ever. You really can’t beat the price, environment, and the support you get here.”

Linda B.

“Ketamine was one of the things on my to do list to help me with blockages. This ketamine clinic in Salt Lake City was really comfortable for my first experience . The experience in itself is unique and I can see why many people are utilizing this treatment to help with mental issues. It helps you see things at a different perspective . Candace was really helpful and seemed like a very kind therapist with a lot of knowledge. I look forward to another session. So far I feel a lot lighter . Thank you for your expertise and a really graceful experience .”

Tyler V.

“This place has changed my life. Candace and Austin are compassionate and skilled. The space is beautiful. My experience helped me let go. I finally found something that works!!”

Christopher E.

“I highly recommend this place. The environment is cozy and relaxing while also being clean and private, Candace and Austin are super easy to work with and very accommodating. This place has changed my life! Thanks for all that you do!”

Emma B.

“Rest assured, you’re in excellent hands with Candace and Austin. Their bedside manner is warm and they understand the spaces one can travel to during ketamine therapy. Between this treatment and more traditional talk therapy with Candace, I’ve been able to better understand my self worth.”

Josh H.

“Ketamine Therapy has changed my life and therefore the lives of my family members forever. I have suffered with depression all my life, I have a family history of depression and have tried various combinations of therapy and medications along with other coping strategies for 30+ years. Ketamine is different, it provides an opportunity for my brain to heal, and my neuropathways which depression destroys, to reconnect. I can honestly say Ketamine has finally allowed me to see the world and my life without the fog of depression, and that feeling is so freeing.

Austin and Candace are so caring and professional. Their combined experience and collaboration made the process comfortable and successful. They helped me feel safe and confident so I could relax and let the Ketamine do it’s job in rebuilding what depression has destroyed. I cannot recommend this Therapy and These practitioners more highly.”

KTherapy Client

“I’ve been doing ketamine treatments for 2 years now in the Salt Lake Area for my Complex PTSD, and I have been to 3 different clinics. This clinic is by far the best set and setting for a psychedelic that I’ve been to so far.”

Karen F.

“I had experienced traditional therapy for 20 years and it wasn’t until I came here I experienced true change. Before I would just have enough to get by, when I started Therapy here I experienced true healing and lasting healing. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Thank you!!!!”

Mindful Living Wellness Center

“This place is great. Candace and Austin are so helpful and their space is super comfortable. Perfect place if you’re looking for ketamine therapy.”

Grace C.

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