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Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives is proud to offer breakthrough Ketamine treatments in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Our Ketamine services in Utah County range from in-office treatments to concierge services in the comfort of your home. Ketamine can treat a myriad of illnesses, including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, drug and alcohol addiction, and chronic pain.

This alternative therapy allows the mind to heal itself by rewiring malfunctioning neurons responsible for many mental illness symptoms.

In addition, Ketamine creates new neural pathways in the brain so you can experience newfound relief and healing. Our main priority with Ketamine treatments in Pleasant Grove is to help you live free from depression, anxiety, and all other mental struggles.

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Textiles, lighting, and furnishings all personally selected by our therapy team to evoke feelings of comfort.

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Tranquil settings specifically designed to promote restorative feelings of rest, healing, and well-being.

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Spaces set up to specifically flow from private contemplation to conversation and grounding post-treatment.

Relax + Release

Let the safe environment of our Pleasant Grove space lead you to a deeper intention of healing and renewal. Our Pleasant Grove in Utah County office is quiet, safe, homelike setting invites you to connect with yourself .

Meet Our Providers

Ketamine Therapy Pleasant Grove is proud to offer top-rated Ketamine therapy services administered by mental health experts and experienced medical providers.

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Candace Curzon


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Austin Francom


Marienelle Fernandez RN Ketamine Therapy SLC

Marienelle Fernandez


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Brooke Evans


Angelina Snelling smiling as a ketamine therapy

Angelina Snelling

Patient Care

Chris Edmonds Patient Care Coordinator Ketamine Therapy SLC

Chris Edmonds

Patient Care

Mo Edwards Patient Care Ketamine Therapy SLC

Mo Edwards

Patient Care

Mariah Ergovich Patient Care Ketamine Therapy SLC

Mariah Ergovich

Patient Care

Guido Ampuero Patient Care

Guido Ampuero

Patient Care

Sammy Ketamine Therapy SLC


The Ketamine Therapy Dog

Ali Aspen - Life Coach - Ketamine Therapy SLC-

Ali Aspen

Ketamine Assistant, Healing & Life Transformation Coach

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Will my insurance cover Ketamine therapy at your Pleasant Grove location?

Unfortunately, Ketamine therapy for depression, anxiety, etc., is still viewed as an experimental treatment. This means that most insurance companies will not cover this medical treatment. However, you can speak with the professionals at our Plesant Grove office to talk more in-depth about forms of payment and payment plans.

What will my treatment schedule look like? And what are your hours?

Your treatment schedule at our Pleasant Grove location will vary depending on your condition and the Ketamine treatment you receive. For example, IV infusions can range between 4 days and 3 weeks with 2-4 hour durations depending on the condition. When you schedule a consultation with our Ketamine experts, they will dive deep into your treatment plan and devise one that is perfect for your condition, schedule, and budget.

Our Pleasant Grove office is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do I need downtime after my Ketamine therapy experience?

We recommend that people take time off of work or caregiver duties after their treatment. In addition, securing transportation to and from our Pleasant Grove facility is important as driving is not allowed for our clients after the therapy session.

Our clients should also consider giving over responsibilities such as childcare, etc., after their treatment so that they may continue to rest and recover in silence on their own.

Are there any specific medical conditions that would prevent me from receiving treatment?

Ketamine therapy is not for people who are diagnosed with psychosis, high blood pressure, or cardiac or pulmonary issues. You may require thorough medical clearance from your primary care doctor before starting Ketamine infusions.


“This place has changed my life. Candace and Austin are compassionate and skilled. The space is beautiful. My experience helped me let go. I finally found something that works!!”

Christopher E.

“I highly recommend this place. The environment is cozy and relaxing while also being clean and private, Candace and Austin are super easy to work with and very accommodating. This place has changed my life! Thanks for all that you do!”

Emma B.

“Rest assured, you’re in excellent hands with Candace and Austin. Their bedside manner is warm and they understand the spaces one can travel to during ketamine therapy. Between this treatment and more traditional talk therapy with Candace, I’ve been able to better understand my self worth.”

Josh H.

“I’ve been doing ketamine treatments for 2 years now in the Salt Lake Area for my Complex PTSD, and I have been to 3 different clinics. This clinic is by far the best set and setting for a psychedelic that I’ve been to so far.”

Karen F.

“I had experienced traditional therapy for 20 years and it wasn’t until I came here I experienced true change. Before I would just have enough to get by, when I started Therapy here I experienced true healing and lasting healing. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Thank you!!!!”

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