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Best Playlist for Ketamine | How to Use Music as a Support for Healing

Maximize the effectiveness of your therapy treatments by using or creating the best playlist for ketamine. As ketamine has become increasingly popular and accessible throughout the nation, people have found that the right music makes a big difference. Many ketamine patients are finding enhanced therapeutic results through curated music playlists. Read on to learn how to make the perfect ketamine playlist in order to have a novel ketamine experience.

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ketamine treatment therapy

The difference between ketamine and other medications is how it works in the mind. Ketamine positively affects the production of glutamate in the brain, which allows the mind to, essentially, heal itself. Increased glutamate in the brain improves neuroplasticity and allows neuropathways to be formed and healed. This means that ketamine helps your mind become adaptable, process trauma, restructure harmful habits, and create lasting, positive change. Traditional medications so often deliver temporary, frustratingly inconsistent results. Ketamine doesn’t just dull severe symptoms, ketamine therapy gets to the root of mental illnesses in the mind and offers true, lasting healing.

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music and ketamine

Curated music has always played a significant role in social, professional, and personal circumstances. People use music to work better, relax, inspire, celebrate, and yes- even heal. Ketamine treatments work to heal the mind in ways traditional medications can’t. Due to the mental work required in ketamine therapy, music can be a great support in your treatment sessions. A study done in 2021 on the benefits of music in ketamine treatments from two patients states: “Both patients suffering from severe depression underwent their first ketamine infusion without music and opted for music with subsequent infusions. They reported that music significantly improved the tolerance of their dissociative symptoms, thereby reducing distress and facilitating subsequent treatments. Both patients achieved remission from their highly treatment-resistant depressive episodes.”

On the topic of psychedelic therapy and music, psychologist Bill Richards stated: “I think of it as a nonverbal support system, sort of like the net for a trapeze artist …If all is going well, you’re not even aware that the net is there — you don’t even hear the music — but if you start getting anxious, or if you need it, it’s immediately there to provide structure.”

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how to make the best ketamine playlist

Each person will respond to ketamine treatments differently. A ketamine playlist can be a great help for each person, so long as it is created thoughtfully. As you make your ketamine playlist, it’s important to consider both your personal tendencies and the role music should play in your treatment sessions. Here are some tips to create the best ketamine playlist for you:

  • Choose relaxing, calming songs
  • Generally avoid music with lyrics
  • Intentionally choose music that will resonate with your treatments
  • Avoid genres or specific tracks that trigger responses unhelpful to your healing
  • Add music that you actually enjoy (consider style, genre, artist, era, etc.)
  • Generally aim for neutral and positive themes

Many forums online, such as Reddit, offer useful insight from real people on how to make a great ketamine playlist. If, however, creating a ketamine playlist isn’t right for you, there are many resources available online and through various apps. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more offer already-made therapeutic playlists. At Therapeutic Alternatives, we highly suggest the following Spotify playlists:

KAP Rose
KAP Love


Psychedelic therapy delves deep into one’s mind to achieve fundamental improvements in mental health. Of course, that makes sense: getting to the root of the issue allows the best solution. Accordingly, psychedelic therapy in general aims to do just that in many ways. One potential way is through music. It’s no surprise to say that music can easily reach deep into the mind to inspire certain thoughts and emotions. This can allow people to let go of trauma, or see the world in a new way. It’s also what makes music such an amazing addition to psychedelic therapy. Additionally, music is highly personalized, allowing it to help each person in an individually effective way. 


Absolutely! All people respond to therapy differently. Fortunately, music can be the bridge between ketamine treatments and getting the greatest therapeutic benefit. Music can connect with people’s emotions and thoughts like nothing else, making it an essential treatment method.

The answer, as always, is that it depends. Some studies do say that non-lyrical music is helpful for therapeutic purposes. For example, it may help people dissociate and step outside of their own minds, in a way. However, it couldn’t hurt to add some lyrical songs to the mix. The songs most meaningful for you can be the most beneficial. 

Luckily, there are many pre-made playlist on Spotify to mesh with the therapeutic effects of ketamine treatments. Some of these playlists include:

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Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in Salt Lake City, Utah is a leading provider of ketamine treatments. We are dedicated to helping each person experience the numerous benefits ketamine offers. Our providers have years of experience and can help you create the best ketamine playlist and get profound results. Don’t wait to improve your mental health. Book an appointment with us today by calling 385-685-1410 or by filling out the online form. 



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