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Ketamine for long covid

How I accidentally discovered that Ketamine for Long Covid is an incredible tool to fight the neurological and depressive symptoms of Long Haul Covid. 

In January 2021 I caught the Omicron. The symptoms were mild, however, I never knew what I had in store for me months after. I learned Covid took a toll on my body once I returned to the gym 10 days after the infection. My trainer sent me home immediately. “ Some people don’t realize how hard Covid hit them. You need a few more days of rest”

A few more days turned into a few weeks, and a few weeks turned into a few more months. Symptoms would come and go that mimicked an autoimmune disease. Additionally, I couldn’t eat the same foods I once enjoyed before. A few glasses of wine at dinner would take five days of recovery. Bedtime was now at 8 pm, and if I didn’t sleep for more than nine hours, I certainly would feel it the next day. Things were just not the same.


  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Aching joints
  • Indigestion and Bloating
  • Brain Fog
  • Especially, mental health issues that seemed to have no end in sight.


There is no simple answer. Despite visiting 8 doctors ranging from Allergy specialists, Internalists, and even holistic doctors- they all told me the same thing. “ We don’t understand this condition..yet.” The dim reality of this unknown illness left me feeling hopeless. According to the CDC, “Overall, 1 in 13 adults in the U.S. (7.5%) have “long COVID” symptoms, defined as symptoms lasting three or more months after first contracting the virus, and that they didn’t have prior to their COVID-19 infection.”

Unfortunately, many people are suffering from Long Haul Covid. Presently, Google doesn’t provide many answers on how to treat it. I turned to Long Covid support groups on Facebook whom were all experiencing similiar symptoms as me. These groups were validating in making me not feel so alone in my struggles.  Thousands of people are experiencing even more debilitating symptoms than my own. Additionally, a common theme in these groups besides the physical symptoms are: Depression. Loss of Motivation. Brain fogged. Decision Fatigued. Anxious. And utterly hopeless. 


My depression and anxiety with long covid were becoming unmanageable. I suffered from mild seasonal depression before I caught COVID-19. However,  having long covid highlighted these symptoms.  I worked as a marketing director in a few Ketamine Clinics across the country, so I was no stranger to how Ketamine would transform people’s mental health.  I was able to experience Ketamine treatments for myself a few times previously when my mental health would get worrisome. 

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic commonly used in emergency rooms. In 2019, Ketamine received “breakthrough” clearance from the FDA  for the treatment of depression, which is hailed as the “most significant breakthrough for treating depression in half a century.”. Ketamine facilitates the restoration of impaired neural pathways by enhancing the synthesis of glutamate, a key neurotransmitter crucial for communication between neurons in the brain. Many say the profound psychedelic experience it provides gives people the opportunity to look at their lives with a newfound perspective. Some report a mystical-like spiritual experience. 

11 months into Long Covid, I had flare-ups that would debilitate me. The brain fog was affecting my work and relationships. I couldn’t enjoy regular activities like going for a walk or having dinner parties with friends. The stimulation would fatigue me for days.  I decided to try a 6-reset with  Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in Salt Lake City. I thought it would be helpful for my depression and anxiety- what I learned was it helped me with far more things than I imagined.


I arrived at the clinic with my favorite spotify playlist in tow. The nurse practitioner gave me an intramuscular shot and shortly I dozed off into another dimension. I could see myself looking down at myself, and something clicked “I can cure this. This is a messenger to help me improve my life. It is asking me to drop the things that are toxic for me: stress, chocolate, wine, and processed foods.” instead of looking at it with a negative view, I started thanking this illness for the message it was giving me: My health matters. It is time to stop ignoring it. Self-care is not an option- it is a necessity and my very first priority. I deserve to be well. It gave me hope. I go through ups and downs with this condition still. However, the feeling of safety and spiritual meaning Ketamine provided me helped me get out of the mental funk. 


After 2 treatments, I noticed something unexpected. My brain fog seemed to completely dissipate for a few weeks. I was able to connect words again. I was able to speak without stumbling over my words or taking long pauses. I was curious how this could be. According to  Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital.. “recently traced ketamine’s effects to three brain regions. Two are believed to have a role in the drug’s effectiveness as an antidepressant: the prefrontal cortex — responsible for planning and other executive functions — and the hippocampus, which influences memory formation. The third, the posteromedial cortex, in the back portion of the brain, is a likely site for the dissociative effects.”

Ketamine for Long Covid Results

Since my initial 6 series treatment, I return to the Ketamine Clinic in Utah about once a month for a “booster.” This has been such a relief for me in this journey. It has been almost 3 years since I caught Covid. It did get better. I still suffer from mild depression and fatigue, but it has improved tremendously. If I could advise anybody who is struggling that helped me:

Join Facebook Long Haul Covid groups. There are national, global, and local groups. All of them had been helpful. The kindest human beings are in this group. They offer support, advice, and what worked well for them. They offer recommendations on local doctors who are best equipped to help you. 

Take care of your mental health. Be compassionate with yourself- this is not your fault. There are many options out there to help with depression and anxiety. See if Ketamine would be a good option for you. Many people find relief even after one session.

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