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image of EMT's opening up an ambulance
picture of EMT's opening up an ambulance

Did Ketamine Kill Elijah McClain? | How to Ensure Safe Ketamine Treatments

A tragedy involving ketamine led to the death of Elijah McClain in 2019, but did ketamine kill Elijah McClainn? With the rise of accessible ketamine therapy, can we know for sure if ketamine is safe? Read on to learn the answers to these questions, especially if you are considering ketamine therapy for yourself.

Elijah McClain’s Case

Of all the various reports on Elijah McClain, the New York Times reported: An independent panel investigating Mr. McClain’s death issued a highly critical report on Feb. 22, 2021, faulting officers for stopping him without justification and for escalating their use of force, including the two applications of the carotid hold. The report’s authors also said Fire Department paramedics were slow to help Mr. McClain before injecting him with enough ketamine to sedate a person weighing 190 pounds.” It was revealed that Elijah McClain weighed about 140 pounds. Paramedics were also accused of failure to follow medical protocols before and after ketamine injection.

General public discord and various news outlets blame medical negligence and brutal, needless police force and not the ketamine drug itself. Changes have been made in law enforcement with the hopes of elevating morality and medical practice. If you are considering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, it is crucial to do personal research in order to choose the best ketamine clinic suited to your mental health goals.

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about ketamine

Ketamine is a synthetic drug. It was made popular in the 60’s and is still widely used today as an anesthetic and animal tranquilizer. For many years ketamine was exploited as a common street drug known as special k. One of the safety benefits of ketamine is that it does not affect a person’s breathing. First responders and medical professionals in ERs across the nation utilize ketamine in safe, effective, and life-saving ways. Any positive benefit ketamine could have had was and is lost when used recklessly- including in the case of Elijah McClain.

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How to Ensure Safe Ketamine Treatments

Ketamine clinics are popping up in every city across America. Similar to any medication, it is extremely important that your ketamine provider is a medical professional with your best interest at heart. Due to the growing popularity of ketamine, the skill, knowledge, experience, and aligned therapeutic intentions of a provider are more important than ever. If you are considering ketamine therapy, schedule consultations with expert providers and choose a trustworthy clinic.

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Austin Francom, Nurse Practitioner and Owner of Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives states, “ The tragedy of Elijah Mcclain is multifaceted. Placing blame for this tragedy at the feet of ketamine serves to obfuscate the accountability of law enforcement. Ketamine could only be responsible for this death by aggressively applying restraint methods that would inhibit a person’s ability to ventilate. The EMTs who administered the ketamine did so with the expectation that the drug would decrease the amount of physical intervention needed by law enforcement. In my opinion,The EMTs are victims of this obfuscation as well. In and of itself, Ketamine, is not respiratory suppressing without being underneath the gravity of several adult men. Ketamine has been a safe and effective option for PTSD, depression, and anxiety for many years. This type of mischaracterization and misinformation also serves to deter patients from a potentially life saving medication. Law enforcement is a great and noble profession. However, it is my opinion that in the case of Elijah, these officers are primarily responsible for the loss of innocent life and also guilty of dubiously placing that blame on EMTs and ketamine.

ketamine for mental health

Advanced medical research and clinical studies show that ketamine administered in low doses effectively treats mental health conditions. Backed by clinical research, providers and patients alike are raving about the incredible effects of ketamine for mental health. In an article called “The Dazzling Promise of Ketamine” the editor states that ketamine is “the most significant breakthrough for treating depression in half a century.”

These are the ketamine treatment applications currently available at Therapeutic Alternatives in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Ketamine Treatments in slc, utah

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